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4,48 EUR*
Details Forgiveness-Is-Of-High-Value-Yet-It-Costs-Nothing-motivational-inspirational-quotes-fridge-magnet-Khlschrankmagnet

Brandneu, Fotobildqualität auf starren Acrylkühlschrankmagnet . Größe: 78mm x 52mm. Dieser Magnet ist für jeden Sammler! Schauen Sie sich unsere bunten und attraktiven Souvenir Kühlschrankmagneten . Dieses Stück kann eine ausgezeichnete Geschenkidee ...

7,99 EUR*
Details Vintage-6-Single-Sided-Designs2ea-Xmas-Super-Value-Paper-Pack-12X12-12-Shee

RUBY ROCK-IT-Bella: Christmas Selection Super Value Pack. This package contains twelve sheets of 12x12 inch single-sided cardstock: two each of six designs. Acid and lignin free. Imported.

14,11 EUR*
Details AD-TECH-Crafter-s-Tape-Refills-Value-Pack-Acryl-Mehrfarbig

Ad Tech-Crafters Tape Refills: Value Pack. This tape is great for home, office, and school projects! It adheres to paper, ribbon, photos and many other materials. This package contains eight 8m rolls of 8mm wide tape. Acid free. Imported.

78,95 EUR*
Details ITIL-Continual-Service-Improvement-German-Translation-Office-of-Government-Commerce

Office of Government CommerceBroschiertes BuchThis publication focuses on continual service improvement (CSI) from both an IT service and IT service management perspective. It expands the concept of CSI at a high level and defines its value before ...

9,75 EUR*
Details Vaswani-J-Ladder-of-Abhyasa-Practical-Guide-to-Meditation

Ladder of Abhyasa Do you value inner peace, harmony and serenity? Do you wish to improve your powers of concentration? This work gets you started on 'the ladder of abhyasa', as Dada J P Vaswani describes it. It alerts the activity of the nervous ...

38,62 EUR*
Details Sekonda-Damenuhr-Quarz-497827

You have to hand it to Sekonda, they know how to manufacture and design timeless watches. This Ladies White Silver Watch 4978 epitomises the Sekonda ethos, creating functional well designed and great value for money timepieces aimed at the masses ...

43,00 EUR*
Details 3025-55-Years-Design-Houses

Gebundenes BuchThis book tells the story of Designhouses, wich is a family company that began 55 years ago. It has made many people¿s dreams come true, creating unique places and different life styles, making to highlight the value of materials and ...

18,05 EUR*
Details Kompliment-Kaffeeweier-15-kg

Powdered whitener for a creamy smooth cup of coffee. Coffee-Compliment is a versatile whitener which can be used as a powder or reconstituted as a liquid. As well as being convenient to use and store, it is excellent value for money when compared to ...

46,00 EUR*
Details Braun-16x-50Universal-EIN-Fernglas-schwarz

These Braun universal binoculars overcome distance with a high light value. It is possible to discover vastness, height and distance as new dimensions, these are particularly useful when travelling, for outdoor events and astronomy. Using these 16x50 ...

16,65 EUR*
Details Inov8-UV-Lens-Filter-37mm

Excellent value for money. Easy to use: Plug-in> Charge> Unplug. The Infapower Home Charger will charge two or four AA /AAA, or one or two 9v Ni-MH batteries. It comes supplied with 4 x AA 1300mAh Ni-MH batteries. Charge time for batteries supplied = ...

230,22 EUR*
Details Rocket-Music-BJM01-Metal-Pot-Banjo-5-Saiten

Bestselling Rocket 5 string bluegrass 5 string Banjo which is great looking, hardwearing and features high quality components. It offers fantastic value for money, housing a quality 11 inch Remo head as well as a nickel plated tailpiece. This, in ...

4,06 EUR*
Details Plant-World-Seeds-Tulipa-Tarda-Seeds

This little gem is a dwarf, clump-forming species, bearing star-shaped, deep orange flowers with the petals tipped with cream and marked on the back red and green. Its main value is its very late flowering period, whilst it is also probably the best ...

489,00 EUR*
Details SousVide-SVD-00101-Supreme-Demi-Water-Oven-Black-by-SousVide-Supreme

Gourmet taste. Perfectly cooked food, delicious and tender., Hands-off, time-saving meal preparation. Just set it and walk away, Easy and foolproof. Never overcook a meal again. Perfect results, every time., Added nutritional value. Natural juices and ...

21,19 EUR*
Details Silver-Effect-3-Tier-Vegetable-Trolley-Multi-use-by-Empire-Sterling

Rack. Stack. Sorted. This silver effect three tiered vegetable trolley from the Simple Value range can be used throughout your home, from the kitchen to the office. It has three removable plastic baskets with a silver matte finish and is mounted on ...

21,36 EUR*
Details Soil-Nutrient-Balance-at-Different-Spatial-Scales-Examining-Soil-Fertility-Management-and-Sustainability-of-Mixed-Farming-Systems-in-Ethiopia

Soil nutrient balances are used as indicators of sustainability: from the sum of nutrient inputs and outputs it is possible to define agroecosystems as accrediting, balanced or impoverished. The value of such approaches increases if nutrient balances ...